Mission Statement:

The Center for Senate Reform and Realignment (CSRR) is a non profit organization dedicated to the mission of advancing and promoting the passage of a Constitutional Amendment to disrupt, reform and realign the U.S Senate of the United States of America by passing a Constitutional Amendment to add thirty three new U.S. Senators to represent the most populated Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA's) in the United States. 


Key Points for Consideration :

  • The United States, in the 21st Century, is a nation of cities both large and small.

  • Today 80% of the population lives in an urban environment and they are not being adequately represented in the U.S.Senate

  • The trend towards more urbanization will continue. 

  • The constitution was written during an agrarian period in our countries history and it needs to be amended to reflect the shift to an urban society.

  • The Constitution, relative to the U.S. Senate, is biased against urbanism.

  • The "Grand Compromise" of the 1787 Constitutional Convention codified this anti urban bias.

  • Large urban centers should be viewed relative to their Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA). 

  • Some large MSA's are equal to or greater than some states.

  • Some large MSA's share the equivalency qualifications of Statehood and should be represented in the U.S. Senate.

  • The fourteen smallest (population size) States wield an inordinate amount of power in the U.S. Senate.

  • A third level of governance, representing MSA's, can and should be introduced into the Constitution through a Constitutional Amendment. 



Primary Objectives: Disrupt, Reform and Realign the U.S. Senate 

      Disrupt: Disseminate information that elaborates the biased inequality inherent in the U.S. Senate. 

      Reform: Create a movement to reform the U.S. Senate.

      Realign: Pass a Constitutional Amendment to realign the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.


Key Benchmark: Passage of a Constitutional Amendment.