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The United States Conference of Mayors' 2020 Vision For America:

Focused on: Infrastructure, Innovation, & Inclusion                      


A call to Action Platform of 12 Priorities: 

Protect and Advance Human and Civil Rights 

Address Climate Change by Accelerating Clean Energy Use


Join with Mayors and Police Chiefs to Support Public Safety for All


Guarantee Access to Affordable Quality Healthcare and Critical Human Services

Re-Imagine and Modernize the Nation's Transportation Infrastructure 

Embrace Efficient, Effective Modern Technology While Protecting Consumers and Cities

Fix our Broken Immigration System 


Rewrite the Tax Code to Help Hardworking Taxpayers and Reduce Economic Inequality


Invest in America's Water and Wastewater Systems

Strengthen Education, Improve Schools, and Build the Workforce of the Future 

Make Housing More Affordable and End Homelessness 

Promote American Exports, Fair Trade, and International Tourism 





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