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Political Road Map

There is nothing stronger than an
idea whose time has come.

The Founding Fathers, in their haste to adopt the Grand Compromise at the Constitutional Convention, may have done irreparable damage to our nascent democracy by excluding the "Metropolitan" socio-political sector for inclusion in our democratic hierarchy of the political power structure of our young republic. However, we would be hard pressed to blame them for their lack of vision to see into the future. How could they have envisioned the astronomical growth of urbanization that took place in our country from that time to the present.  


At the time of the Convention, based on the best available data of the 1790 Census, the largest cities in the new republic were mere shadows of what they would become:

City                                Approx. Population

New York City                                     33,130

Philadelphia                                        28,500

Boston                                                   18,300

Charleston                                           16,350

Baltimore                                             13,500

Northern Liberties                             9,900

Salem                                                     7,900

Newport                                                6,700

Providence                                           6,400

Marblehead                                          5,660

Southwark                                            5,660


But times have changed.  Today the metropolitan areas are the engines that drive the prosperity of our Nation. Yet, they have been and continue to be marginalized in the political process.  They are grossly under represented in the Senate of the United States and now is the time to repair the damage incurred at the Constitutional Convention.


The time has come for Metropolitan Areas to seek and hold power alongside the States. This separation of power is in line with the original intent the founding fathers planned for by separating power into three branches of Government to inject checks and balances into the political process. The same logic applies to the balance of power between the socio-political entities of our country.  And the three socio-political entities are the City/ State / Nation.

It is imperative that the call for Senate Reform be based on the New Political Reality and Order that shares power among the three core entities:   City / State / Nation



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